Assessment and Certification

Take your program to the next level

SelfStudy’s AI-powered platform was built to deliver both continuous assessment and continuing education uniquely. For an organization that certifies and recertifies professionals, this means that in addition to validating everyone’s knowledge state, we identify specific gaps in their knowledge and can direct them to remediating learning activities that will be most impactful in filling their particular knowledge gaps. SelfStudy delivers all the features demanded of a longitudinal assessment platform – for both the user experience and the back-end analytics administrators require.

  • Works on all connected devices with a responsive design interface

  • A turnkey solution that also allows for easy customization of all aspects

  • It offers a proprietary algorithm for personalization and the ability to work with any algorithm you require

  • Able to support continuing education activities provided by you or affiliate organizations in conjunction with your assessment/certification program

SelfStudy makes it all possible


Proven in medical

SelfStudy was incubated in medical specialty certification and continuing education. Putting to use work done at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, we developed a platform wherein residents were put on a personalized learning path to prepare for board certification while being assessed at every interaction. At the same time, the platform was introduced to certified practitioners to earn continuing education credits. Launched in 2015, we soon saw our approach replicated by medical boards, replacing their decennial recertification exams with longitudinal assessment programs. Today SelfStudy is used by medical boards for longitudinal assessment and by affiliate associations for continuing education.


Now available for you

Tested and proven in the demanding world of medical specialties, SelfStudy’s platform is now being introduced in other professional areas and across global enterprises, including banking, financial services, and insurance. Our algorithms and design will support any area of professional development and certification.


Raise your standards

Longitudinal assessment in professional practice has gained momentum over the past decade because it is practical, convenient, and cost-efficient. In these ways, it meets the needs of the credentialing bodies and the communities of professionals they certify.  Any great certification system begins with your high standards. As pioneers in implementing longitudinal assessment and related personalized learning pathways, we invite you to learn more about what SelfStudy can offer.