Precision Learning

Contiuing education from the enterprise to the association

Precision Learning revolutionizes the delivery of training, from micro-skills up. The content your users need most finds them. SelfStudy builds knowledge from minor skills to mastery. Continuous learning assessment powers the ability to offer learners the shortest path to success.

Whatever your professional specialty, SelfStudy’s AI-powered platform offers your employees or members a prioritized, continuously updated selection of your resources that are most valuable to them, delivered when they are most interested. Solve discoverability while increasing engagement, satisfaction – and revenue.

Being data-driven means no wasted efforts.

  • AI-authoring using your content

  • Personalize discovery 

  • Powerful Coursebuilder

  • SelfStudy makes it easy to assemble and organize content of all types

  • Continuous assessment and analytics

  • Competency-based learning

  • Innovative distribution




Continuous Assessment

Science informs the questions

we ask, and our proprietary technology delivers what you need. SelfStudy is a  SaaS platform that processes content to optimize how learners learn and provides the veracity of continuous measurement.

We plot where each learner is

on the path to expertise. Microlearning activities are

automatically derived from

client content.

Bite-sized learning steps can

be taken at any time, in any

order, for any duration. This provides learners the best chance to incorporate growth every day.


Compency-based Learning, built to your standards

Your members and employees look to you to maintain professional standards. You have recorded meetings, webinars, journal articles, and other content on your website and in your knowledge system. With SelfStudy, all of it can be converted into learning activities, from quizzes to courses. SelfStudy can work with any content and transform it into activities for earning continuing education credits. It tracks and reports credits earned, provides personalized learning pathways to prepare for upcoming exams, or simply keeps knowledge current.

Help them upskill, reskill and move forward in their professional life.


The Future Workplace

Many employees are unable to meet the demands of the future workplace. Companies need more than administrative assurances that their people are correctly trained and ready for their jobs. How do you close the skills gap while recognizing that employees value their time and focus? Because SelfStudy uniquely fits in moments of learning using relevant tools, employees move quickly through content while giving you verifiable proof of competency.

SelfStudy’s platform delivers your content and education experiences. Our suite of services provides research, content creation and personalized delivery.

for your association

Join organizations like IARS who have leveraged SelfStudy for powering their continuing education programs.

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