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Regulatory, Compliance and Risk Preparedness — Defensible Training Delivery

Today’s world is being transformed by technological, societal, economic, and political forces compelling companies to adapt and rethink all aspects of their business and operations. Companies in highly regulated industries are particularly feeling these forces. These organizations face more stringent compliance requirements, increased regulatory scrutiny, and a growing focus on good governance. This places a renewed urgency in how organizations manage their compliance programs and how they manage and prepare their most important assets - their people.


SelfStudy was founded with the individual in mind and is designed to help you foster a culture of continuous compliance by building employees’ knowledge and providing unparalleled visibility into your organization’s compliance program.

  • Compliance Awareness in Real-Time

  • Continuous Regulatory & Compliance Training

  • Cybersecurity Preparedness


Compliance Awareness in Real-Time

In this fast paced and rapidly evolving regulatory environment, achieving a clear picture of your performance relating to good governance and compliance is essential to an effective risk management program. Most compliance programs require organizations to conduct periodic audits to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks. This snapshot approach is not only time and resources intensive, but significantly limits the visibility needed to assess the strategic effectiveness of your compliance programs on an ongoing basis.

The SelfStudy platform provides a proactive approach that eliminates costly and time-consuming periodic assessments by capturing each individual’s compliance training activities and providing data-driven insights in real-time to increase awareness and collaboration across your organization. 


Continuous Regulatory & Compliance Training

Companies in highly regulated industries take compliance seriously and recognize that ongoing team member training is an essential pillar of an effective compliance program. As rules and standards governing compliance continue to evolve, the success or failure of an organization’s risk management program is ultimately dependent on each team member’s ability to not only retain what they learn but, more importantly, to apply it in their day-to-day functions. Traditional course-based approaches fall short and fail to afford the flexibility to adapt to a dynamic regulatory environment. It’s time to course-correct, and SelfStudy is here to help.

The SelfStudy Platform departs from a one size fits all approach and is guided by a deep belief in the potential of each individual within your organization. It utilizes state-of-the-art AI and NLP technologies to tailor each training experience to the unique skill profile of individual employees, making it easier to create and update content, assign goals, and track competencies. Our data-driven competency-based approach is focused on helping you create and maintain a culture of continuous compliance and education. 


Cyber Security Preparedness

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing and complex risks facing businesses today. In light of recent high-profile attacks, regulators, customers, and shareholders are taking action. Organizations that fail to adequately prepare for and manage these risks face high financial, reputational, legal, and compliance costs.


The ability to effectively manage cyber risk begins and ends with educating and training your workforce. Each team member is on the front lines and is an essential fighting force for any cyber risk management program. Their effectiveness, however, is only as good as their training.


The SelfStudy Platform provides a blended learning experience and the ability to adapt content and course creation to address the complex challenges of such a rapidly evolving threat.