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We don't all start at Chapter One.

We never assume you need to start at the beginning. Our AI-driven system starts where you are, then gives you the content you need, as you are ready for it -- adapting to you and your schedule.

Everyone's path is different.

We use research done at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the latest learning studies in cognitive psychology and neuroscience to customize the most effective learning journey for you.

Insights delivered in micro-bites.

Taking a full-length course then being tested on what you learned is old-school. We turn articles, videos, books, lectures, podcasts, etc. into blended micro-learning and micro-assessment challenges. Let us keep track of how your knowledge is growing, and present the next concept or skill you need to learn to meet your goals.

Real-time report cards issued everyday.

No exams. No cramming. No stress. We measure against real-life standards, so you will always know where you are en route to your learning goals. 

Got 2-3 minutes?

Challenge yourself and check your real-time report card at the same time.

First deployed for anesthesiology residents and physicians, SelfStudy has proven effective in an environment where knowledge has life and death consequences and privacy and security standards are at their highest levels.

Verified. Validated.
Ready for you.

Client Feedback


John C. Preston, DNSc, CRNA, FAANA, FNAP, APRN

Chief Executive Officer

National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA)

We use the SelfStudy platform for our Continued Professional Certification Assessment (CPCA) Practice product, to provide a convenient, interactive, online practice exam experience for our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, allowing them to become familiar with the types of questions that may appear on future assessments, while increasing study efficiency by identifying points of knowledge that may require additional review.


Christopher J. Ondrula, JD

Executive Director

American Board of Preventive Medicine

After conducting a detailed review of numerous options, it was very apparent to me that the SelfStudy platform would best serve the ABPM’s needs during the pilot-planning phase of our move to a longitudinal assessment program.  SelfStudy’s robust analytics, coupled with its purpose-built ability for us to link assessment outcomes to individually targeted remediation activities, offered more benefits to our Diplomate population than any of the other systems we reviewed.

american foot and ankle board.png

Katherine Kreiter

Executive Director

American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery

We reviewed the ground-breaking programs developed by the first medical boards to adopt longitudinal assessment and found SelfStudy met all the criteria without our requiring an in-house tech team. As we fine-tuned our specifications during our pilot process, they worked with us to deliver them, making their turnkey platform meet all our custom requirements.

Fast. Engaging. Effective.


Our SaaS platform delivers your content continuously and is proven to be more convenient, engaging, and effective while providing exam-quality knowledge and skill assessments in real-time.


Knowledge is always in motion.

Proficiency requires the right tool personalized for each user.


Our "GPS for Learning" finds you no matter where you start. We know where you are and maps you a direct, personalized path to where you want to go.


Make a turn, pause, or make any shifts along the way and we'll put you on the route to proficiency again. 

Change how you certify, re-certify, up-skill, learn, or develop your future workforce.

Start with personalized paths to a verifiable, knowledgeable, skilled new team.